Prof Xu Hongbin photo 2.jpg

Prof Xu Hong Bin

Aerospace Center Hospital (ASCH), China

Prof Xu Hongbing is the head of the Myxoma Department  at Aerospace Center Hospital (ASCH).
The hospital is known for its large-scale comprehensive establishments in healthcare, teaching and research. The hospital is also named as Aerospace Clinical Medical College of Peking University, taking part of the leadership in medicine in the southwest of Haidian District, Beijing. ASCH also provides preventive medicine, and is responsible for the medical insurance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and National Defense Military Industry.
The hospital serves as a teaching hospital for medical graduate students affiliated with Peking University. It also functions as the Emergency Center for the West Beijing-National Drug Clinical Trial Institution, Beijing Resident Standardization Training Base-Beijing Designated Medical Institution for Industrial Injury-Beijing Occupational Health Examination Institution, Beijing Nursing Continuing Education Training Base, and Beijing Hemodialysis Education Training Base. The hospital has a good reputation in the health-care system and is well recognized by patients in Beijing.