Asian Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Grou



The success of the first Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Introductory Course (PSMIC) in 2017 paved the way for the formation of the Asian Peritoneal Surface Malignancy Group (APSMG), an international consortium of regional medical centres who have gathered to maximise their collective experience in order to improve cancer care. The APSMG encourages the sharing of knowledge by promoting learning opportunities and collaborations among member institutions in order for young clinicians to obtain valuable cross country experience. Besides that, the group also strives to set up a database and gather de-identified clinical data of all cases of peritoneal carcinomatosis in Asia with the intention to analyse and improve current treatment plans in the management of the diagnosis.

The group aims to: 

1)           Increase awareness of Peritoneal Malignancies in Asia

2)           Set up database and collate clinical and translational Data

3)           Promote collaborative effort on multi-institutional trials

4)           Facilitate young clinicians to obtain cross-institutional experiences,

5)           Improve standards of management in Peritoneal Malignancies in Asia

6)           Philanthropic engagement with corporate partners to facilitate clinical training, research opportunities for members of the APSMG and education.

If your institution is interested to partner with us on this data management project, you may contact us directly at this email: You are also encouraged to inform other institutions in your respective countries that are involved in peritoneal disease management about the APSMG.