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Adj. Prof Melissa Teo

National Cancer Centre Singapore

Adj Prof Teo is the Head of the Division of Surgical Oncology at the National Cancer Centre Singapore. She completed her surgical residency in Singapore (2007) and was awarded the Singhealth HMDP Award to pursue sub-specialty training in complex intra-abdominal and pelvic surgery in the University of Toronto/ Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada. Upon completion of an SSO-accredited Surgical Oncology Fellowship, she pursued and completed a second Fellowship in Colorectal Surgery.

Interested in policy development, she received an NMRC Award, enrolled in the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and graduated in December 2009 with a Master of Public Health and an additional Diploma in Health Policy and Financial Management. She returned to work at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), as a Senior Consultant and was appointed the Director of the NCCS Centre for Peritoneal and Pelvic Disease. The centre now has the largest experience with the surgical management of peritoneal-based malignancies in Asia. She has extensive experience in the management of colorectal, gastric, oesophageal and pelvic cancers, along with that of sarcomas and melanomas.

She has been a strong advocate for improving cancer care in Singapore, and is a member of the Singapore Society of Oncology, sits on the Singapore Cancer Network Sarcoma Guideline Committee and is a member of the Ministry of Health Technology Advisory Committee. At NCCS, she co-chairs the Paediatrics/Sarcoma/Melanoma workgroup and member of the Gastrointestinal Tract workgroup for NCCS Cancer Service Line. She is the vice-chair for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development in ACP Surgery. She is also the chairperson for the new NCCS Building Committee and Director of Strategic Initiatives of ACP Oncology. Adj Prof Teo holds many research leadership positions and is the PI of more than 43 IRBs, authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, and 6 book chapters.

Her mission as a surgical oncologist is to improve cancer care in Singapore and the region, through increased patient awareness of the disease, and its management, contributing to the setting of guidelines and pushing the frontiers for cancer management in her areas of expertise and education of the next generation of surgical residents, clinical fellows and medical students.